Holt Ag Solutions has built a rock solid reputation for their modern and progressive approach to customer care and attention, backed by generations of experience and understanding of the needs and priorities of farmers and crop growers. 

Traditional values supporting modern technology defines Holt AgSolutions, where honesty and integrity are valued right alongside performance and knowledge.With Holt, customers enjoy a broad range of products, knowledge and service that support their operations. “Relationships, and having the experience to truly understand the challenges our customers face is what our business is based on,” says Ken Monroe, President of Holt Ag Solutions.

“The economic and environmental pressures on farming are relentless, and we consider it our mandate to help alleviate that pressure wherever and however we can. That is where our customer care philosophy meets our progressive, forward-looking approach – finding the technology, equipment and process innovations that drive profitability for farmers, and helps reduce their environmental footprint. Two things that our customers are challenged by, and we feel confident we can help with”.


For crop farmers, from grapes to nuts to avocados and oranges, preventing drift and ensuring optimal coverage is the key to ensuring yield. The TurboMist airblast sprayers not only improve the quality of the yield, the technology is capable of reducing fuel costs, in many cases reducing tractor costs, and in all cases, preventing drift by focusing the spray through the unique turbine technology that only TurboMist provides. Improving the TurboMist Sprayer series has been a passion project for Slimline Manufacturing since 1951, another generational company.

“I’ve been working on improving the efficacy of sprayers since 1986,” says Kim Blagborne, President of Slimline Manufacturing Ltd. “In that time I’ve seen a lot of development and learned a lot about farming.”

Blagborne has been among the farms and orchards of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia all his life. The TurboMist airblast features and technology were designed and developed on Blagborne’s own orchard. “I test everything on my crops. I’ve been a farmer since I was 15 years old, but I’m also an engineer so I like technology and need proof,” he explains.

“We’ve got a variety of crops and weather patterns available and having my own farm means I get to be home on Saturday trying things out. When you can look at a potential client and assure them you’ve got a farm yourself and can identify with their challenges, a bond forms there.”

Across the various models, Slimline’s Turbo-Mist Agricultural Sprayers offer improved efficacy in multiple crop applications as a result of its uniquely engineered air delivery system. The sprayers are designed to eliminate drift, reduce operating costs, decrease ecological footprint and improve yield. The patented Airblast technology maximizes sprayer airflow while restricting chemical recycling and waste, creating precision coverage while protecting crops.“I’m in the middle, practicing all the farming rules and regulations and I put significant time into working with regulatory boards, horticulturalists and experts,”continues Blagborne.

“A lot of improvements are made to our products because I have insight into where the industry and requirements are going. It’s a continual quest to improve and develop upgrades and solutions that growers need, before they know they need them.”

Education and training is a large part of Slimline operations. Like Holt Ag Solutions, Blagborne believes when you sell a product, you support the customer through the life of that product. By educating dealers, offering comprehensive after-sales and market support, Slimline remains in the background, throughout each harvest. “Spray School”, the workshop series Slimline offers for end users, dealers and staff ensures that everyone touching a TurboMist product under-stands the features and is comfortable calibrating to get the best from every feature. Gear Up Throttle Down, a fuel-saving practice is one example of the development and training Blagborne has instigated.


The goal of Gear Up, Throttle Down for Airblast sprayers is to use enough air to get the spray to the top of the target canopy, compete with any wind, and make the leaves flutter to expose all surfaces, while not blowing the spray through the target into the next alley – or “drifting”. By shifting to a higher tractor gear and slowing engine rpm’s to maintain desired ground speed, users can save up to 40% on fuel, 30% on chemicals, improve coverage by 30% and drop noise levels considerably. Advantages unique to TurboMist Sprayers.

“We care about our customers and the products and services they need; that’s where the passion is,” said Eric Williamson, Vice President of Holt Ag Solutions.“Finding solutions that are going to work for each customers’ needs and then supporting them. That’s the fun part.”


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