Hops Sprayers

Save time. Save money. Save water.
Improve Coverage and Yield.

Our Unique deployment of AirBlast technology combined with our Hops attachments makes Turbo-Mist the perfect choice for your Hops farm. We have consistent application through the most dense canopies.

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frequently asked questions

Not at all, our towers are designed to have consistent droplet uniformity and wind speed from the top of our tower to the bottom.

Absolutely, drop the PTO speed, grab an extra gear and consume up to 40% less diesel.

We have had many Hops farmers also use their Hops tower for things like walnuts, high density apples and even grapes.

trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada

With over 70 years of industry experience, Turbo-Mist™ combines decades of knowledge in designing and manufacturing agricultural sprayers with cutting-edge technology to deliver durable, efficient, and sustainable equipment for today's growers.

Our rich legacy guides our commitment to durability, while our integration of modern technology continually enhances efficiency and promotes sustainable farming practices.

trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada
trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada

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