Nut Tree Sprayer

Save time. Save money. Save water.
Improve Coverage and Yield.

Discover unparalleled precision in orchard management with Turbo-Mist, where our cutting-edge Air Blast sprayers redefine efficiency. Tailored for tree nut orchards, our technology ensures targeted application, minimizing waste and maximizing effectiveness. From Pecans to walnuts, Turbo-Mist delivers uniform distribution, fostering healthier trees and increased yields. Embrace adaptability with sprayers customized to your orchard's unique layout. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and proven results has made Turbo-Mist the choice for orchardists aiming for success. Cultivate a future of thriving tree nut orchards with Turbo-Mist as your partner.

frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We have tested results to prove our PTO driven fan assembly has better coverage at 60’ than our diesel driven competitor. We achieve this with our state of the art fan assembly and engineered attachments.

Yes it can, not only do we use less diesel but we can achieve the same coverage using lower nutrient consumption rates.

Without an onboard Diesel engine the Turbo-Mist has very basic annual maintenance instructions; these maintenance items can usually be done by the Orchardist. We have videos online to assist.

trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada

With over 70 years of industry experience, Turbo-Mist™ combines decades of knowledge in designing and manufacturing agricultural sprayers with cutting-edge technology to deliver durable, efficient, and sustainable equipment for today's growers.

Our rich legacy guides our commitment to durability, while our integration of modern technology continually enhances efficiency and promotes sustainable farming practices.

trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada
trusted for over 70 years across usa & canada

turbo-mist in the field