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Looking to add to your equipment lineup?

Turbo-Mist have been manufacturing Airblast Sprayers, Boom Sprayers and Herbicide Sprayers as well as other AG Equipment for over 65 years. In 1965 we patterned the “Turbine” Technology for Airblast Sprayers allowing “Gear Up Throttle Down”. Unlike a standard axle fan, Turbo-Mist turbine compresses the clean air intake (from front of sprayer) keeping consistent wind on the left and right hand side as well as top to bottom.

Gear Up Throttle Down allows the grower to reduce the PTO while gearing up to maintain the same consistent speed at lower RPM with consistent wind. This reduces fuel usage, increases coverage with consistent air pattern, and allows for smaller HP tractors to be used if required. Our products are designed to offer the grower precision spraying coverage while reducing drift and costs associated with spraying.  

When you become an authorized Turbo-Mist dealer we will design a custom training program for your entire staff (Sales, Parts and Service), offer you preferred pricing, extended flooring terms and marketing support. Our trained staff of professionals and support staff will be available to assist you in all aspects of how to sell a sprayer, product knowledge, calibration, servicing etc… There is no time like the present to take on a new line and expand your offering to your existing customer base and attract new customers.

Turbo-Mist is now looking to add a few select dealers to our existing dealer network. By adding the world’s best sprayers to your existing line of products you are sure to add revenue and expand your customer base. 

Become an Authorized Turbomist dealer today.

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