Save time. Save money. Save water. Improve Coverage and Yield.

Row Fit

Waste Reduction




up to 10 ACRES


10-100 ACRES


100 ACRES+



Hops Tower

Designed with an additional set of spray outlets high in the top trellis to allow for full canopy penetration. This tower directs air up and into difficult spots while utilizing either traditional round outlets or our low drift tower on the bottom outlets. Achieve amazing coverage from top to bottom with less horsepower.

Hops Outlet

With this attachment, increase the functional spraying height of the sprayer while retaining the left and right traditional pattern and optimizing coverage by pushing more air vertically.Maximize your sprayer investment. Built to clear debris in the weed spray area. Multi-task by blowing both sides of the drive row at the same time.  


OEM Parts & Customer Support


The Turbo-mist is serviceable at any authorized dealer.
  • One year warranty on all airblast sprayers, 3-Point Hitch, Trailer or Skid Sprayers.
  • One year warranty on all piston diaphragm and centrifugal pumps.
  • One year mechanical failure warranty.
  • 90-day diaphragm failure warranty.
  • 90-day warranty on diaphragm pumps and diaphragms in electronic control valves.
  • 90-day warranty on PTO clutch.

We offer factory-backed OEM Turbo-Mist™ Genuine Parts to support your needs and your customers. We stand behind our product, and offer our expertise and knowledge to help you get the right parts in a timely manner. 2-Day Delivery Guarantee*

*Delivery guarantee is 2 standard business days for delivery services within North America, provided by UPS. The cost of shipping will depend on your location, the carrier chosen, and the size and weight of the product purchased.

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7:00 am – 4:30 pm PST Mon – Fri 

Slimline Parts Order Desk
Orders can be placed by telephone or email

Phone: 1-800-495-6145 Ext 205 or 203
Email: parts@slimlinemfg.com

Intelligent Spray Technology

“TurboMist Airblast Sprayers offer our customers the ability to reduce their fuel use, reduce their chemical use, improve their coverage and more than anything – improve the quality of their yield. Those attributes meet our priorities of helping customers in a time of rising costs, and increased consumer demand for affordable produce.”
– Mark Martin, General Manager of Burrows Equipment

2018: Holt Introduce the Turbo-mist Airblast Sprayer Series

“We care about our customers and the products and services they need; that’s where the passion is,”
– Eric Williamson, Vice President of Holt Ag Solutions.

Let's Get Growing

“We hear from our Ag customers the continuous financial pressures, the growing environmental pressures, and those pressures aren’t going away. What we see in the Turbo-Mist sprayers, and Slimline’s factory-backed OEM parts, is an opportunity for our customers to get ahead of that curve. To reduce their fuel costs, reduce their water and chemical costs, reduce downtime, improve their yield and ultimately increase their profitability – at the same time as they decrease their environmental footprint.”
– Randall Krueger, Manager of Ag Business Development for Quinn Company