Maintenance & Tips

Save Time & Money With Regulator Maintenance

July 28, 2023

Regular maintenance is important with any machine. Spraying can be expensive and time sensitive and you don’t want the hassle of a repair in the middle of a job. Chemical builds up behind the seat over time. This starts to restrict the movement of the piston therefore causing a pressure spike in the pump. Regular maintenance is one way to ensure you stay up and running when it’s most important as well as maintain corrected calibrated pressure.

The most important maintenance is rinsing your sprayer after use. This is key to longevity and reliability for the regulator. When chemical dries out, it hardens and is very hard to remove.

We’ve put together four simple steps you can take to maintain your regulator. We suggest cleaning every 100 hours or every 3 months. Failure to maintain can lead to a pressure issues, wasting precious chemicals in the tank, lost hours, and expensive repair bills.

  1. After spraying, ensure a proper rinse through the system and help remove chemical build up around the seat and O-ring. Depending on the chemical you are using, for example Sulfur, you may need to follow this procedure more often.
  2. Lubricate the brass piston every 50 hours – this keeps the shaft moving freely.
  3. Strip the regulator down every 300 hours clean, check for wear and tear and replace any worn parts if required. On most occasions cleaning resolves the problem and keeps you ahead of potential problems.
  4. Kits are available for quick and effective repair. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Remember, if your pressure is out 10% that’s 10% that your calibration will be out. 10% of your chemical costs can really add up, you do the math.