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You Check Your Blood Pressure…Why Not The Pressure Gauge On Your Sprayer?

August 28, 2023

The pressure gauge is the heart of the sprayer, and it will tell you a lot about your sprayer and spraying efficiency when you are paying attention to it. Beyond showing you the pressure required for accurate calibration, the pressure gauge is a useful tool to help troubleshoot your sprayer.

Am I sucking in air? Do I have blockages? Is it time to rebuild the pump? Ask your pressure gauge, you may be surprised by what you find out.

Pressure Gauge Accuracy

If your gauge is NOT reading “0” when parked and not running, it is most likely broken and should be changed – to avoid any further waste.

It is crucial that your pressure gauge is accurate to prevent costly wastage. The nozzle output is calculated based on pressure, therefore, if your pressure is off by 10%, your nozzle flow will be off by 10% as well.

It sounds simple but, it is imperative to watch your gauge!

Turbo-Mist Tip: It is possible for your pressure gauge to freeze if left outside throughout the winter months. Avoid spending money on a new gauge by properly servicing and storing your sprayer during the winter.

The Potential Cost of Pressure Error

Here is an example of the money that you could potentially avoid losing by simply monitoring your pressure gauge:

Let’s imagine that your pressure gauge is over by 10% and your nozzles are worn by 10%. Based on 100 GPA at 2.5 MPH at 100 PSI in 10’ row spacing with 7 nozzles per side. At a desired output of 2.48 GPM, adding a 10% nozzle wear (0.248 GPM) and a pressure error of 10% more (0.102) totals to 2.83 GPM.

The initial target rate of 100 GPA becomes quickly becomes 113 GPA (13% increase) or more! On a chemical bill of $50,000, that equals $6,500 of un-recognized wastage and lost profits. On one tank that costs $1,000, the additional 13% ($130) exceeds the cost of a new set of 7 nozzles and a pressure gauge.

The additional 0.350 GPM caused from pressure error and nozzle wear is equivalent to having an extra D3 45 Swirl plate open!

Ensure your pressure gauge is accurate and save money by avoiding chemical waste.

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