Model: HD1000

Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Series Sprayers are the most durable on the market and are built for a wide range of crop applications. All of our models are equipped with our “Turbo-mist” 30” or 38” patented axial flow designed turbine with a heavy duty flange bearing. All sprayers are equipped with a liquid pressure gauge calibrated in PSI to provide greater accuracy and control of application rates. All models include 21 spline 55 series Weasler (US built) drivelines.

Optional Turbo-Steer:

A key to complete canopy coverage with minimized water usage is the ability quickly and efficiently maneuver your sprayer, allowing you to drive further out of the row without having to turn the booms off.

Turbo-Mist’s patented dual gearbox custom built to allow the sprayer to freely turn past 90 degrees.  The hitch is designed to pull the weight of the unit so that the gearbox assembly itself does not receive any stress from the machine, even during tight turns while under full power.

  • Faster Results
  • Less Wear & Tear
  • Larger Tank Sizes
  • Increased Spray Capacity


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Udor Zeta Pump
Tank Size US Gals
PTO HP Required​

** S30P400NSC model includes Myers Centrifugal Pump instead of the Udor Piston Diaphragm Pump. **


Blueberry Tower

Designed for mature blueberry plantations to direct spray laden air to the top of the plant. Used in conjunction with our traditional air outlets, this system improves coverage both on the inside and the outside of the blueberry bush by pushing down through canes into hard-to-reach areas deep within the bush.

Scorpion Tower

Designed narrow and tall to spray in tight growing conditions, the Scorpion tower is designed for maximum versatility. Whether you’re spraying a 12 or 8-foot drive, this height-adjustable attachment offers even airspeed through the opening and hits your target where you need it. Additional openings available to maximize air volume.

High Density Tower Family

Our high density towers are designed to reduce drift and accommodate tight planting conditions. These stainless steel towers are adjustable for air direction and angle to ensure effective tree coverage. Tower configurations are available for young to adolescent peach trees, standard cherry trees, nuts and grapes.


Requiring only 35hp, these units are a fixed style designed to give coverage tight to the machine. Available in either short or tall configurations to suit a variety of crop applications with a reach of 60 to 90 feet.

Hops Tower

Designed with an additional set of spray outlets high in the top trellis to allow for full canopy penetration. This tower directs air up and into difficult spots while utilizing either traditional round outlets or our low drift tower on the bottom outlets. Achieve amazing coverage from top to bottom with less horsepower.

Hops Outlet

With this attachment, increase the functional spraying height of the sprayer while retaining the left and right traditional pattern and optimizing coverage by pushing more air vertically. Maximize your sprayer investment. Built to clear debris in the weed spray area. Multi-task by blowing both sides of the drive row at the same time.  

Leaf Blower

Maximize your sprayer investment. Built to clear debris in the weed spray area. Multi-task by blowing both sides of the drive row at the same time.  

Under Vine Blower

Designed with the grape grower in mind, this unit complements the Grape Tower to provide complete coverage. Units come with adjustable wings, air vanes, and adjustable nozzles in the air stream.

Grape Tower

Designed to ensure exceptional grape quality. Accommodates single drive row or multi row through controlling the direction of sprayer outlets. Optional spray outlet adjustable arms. Combine with Under Vine Blower to spray from above and below for complete coverage.

Citrus Tower

Designed for flexibility. With adjustable top outlets and additional individually controlled side outlets, this tower can be unbolted from its frame or folded over the tank with an optional hydraulic fold kit. With rear attachable jacks for storage, this tower is accommodating to your needs on and off the field.


OEM Parts & Customer Support


The Turbo-mist is serviceable at any authorized dealer.
  • One year warranty on all airblast sprayers, 3-Point Hitch, Trailer or Skid Sprayers.
  • One year warranty on all piston diaphragm and centrifugal pumps.
  • One year mechanical failure warranty.
  • 90-day diaphragm failure warranty.
  • 90-day warranty on diaphragm pumps and diaphragms in electronic control valves.
  • 90-day warranty on PTO clutch.

We offer factory-backed OEM Turbo-Mist™ Genuine Parts to support your needs and your customers. We stand behind our product, and offer our expertise and knowledge to help you get the right parts in a timely manner. 2-Day Delivery Guarantee*

*Delivery guarantee is 2 standard business days for delivery services within North America, provided by UPS. The cost of shipping will depend on your location, the carrier chosen, and the size and weight of the product purchased.

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