Save time. Save Money. Increase yield.

Engineered for a long and highly productive future.

Turbo-Mist Sprayers are engineered to eliminate drift, reduce operating costs, decrease ecological footprint and increase yield. 



Savings on Fuel


Improved Coverage

Reduce Chemical Waste

Reduce Required Sprays

Reduce or Eliminate Spray Visibility

Save Money

Reduce Environmental Concerns



What makes us better.

Adjustable Air Delivery System

Chemical waste occurs when you aren’t able to direct the air and water to the target. Our exclusive rotating rear air outlets allow you to move the air instead of deflecting it, permitting accurate targeting.

Offset Pump Reduction Drive System

Our models feature our exclusive reduction pump drive system that protects the pump by slowing it down to a consistent 450 rpm rating (100 below maximum rpm), eliminating a major cause of diaphragm failure and reducing costly maintenance. We include performance features such as parts immersed in oil, stainless steel valves and seats to ensure consistent, reliable spraying coverage at all times.


Our exclusive bypass system comes standard with our control system. It prevents diaphragm failure caused by over-pressuring by diverting the excess water pressure back into the tank during non-spraying mode, reducing maintenance and downtime while maintaining accurate spraying pressure to ensure coverage on outside rows.


Unlike most other manufacturers, we don’t use our tank as a structural part of the chassis. Our chassis is heavy enough to cradle the tank, allowing it to move independently of the frame during operation.


Our sprayers come standard with electric ball valves allowing you to control the left or right boom with the flick of a switch. Optional electric pressure adjust to control pressure on the fly and optional hydraulic stainless steel ball valve controls for right and left boom operation are available.


Quality built L 21 spline Weasler run down clutch systems protects the working components of both your tractor and sprayer, reducing maintenance and downtime.


Our pressure regulator is engineered with a diaphragm design, tungsten carbide relief valve and a stainless steel seat for improved durability and precision. This quality component along with our liquid filled gauge allows us to provide superior accuracy and control.


Our rectangular tubed frames are manufactured with the highest quality steel to handle the most rugged operating conditions. We’ve added a hand crank jack for ease of hookup and our heavy-duty axles are height adjustable to pair with the machine of your choice.

Save Money.

Got Drift?

Spray drift is the most common and constant challenge for growers of every crop variety, and neighbours aren’t keen on it either! Spray drift means your equipment isn’t targeting properly, isn’t calibrated properly, or is over-blasting the plume. In all of these cases, your money is literally vaporizing. Turbo-Mist™ sprayer technology optimizes coverage, ensuring maximized solution usage, improving deposition and reducing or eliminating drift, all while saving you money.

How do I mitigate drift?

Control Air Direction



Gear Up Throttle Down

Eliminate waste.

Improve coverage.

Protect the Environment.

Enhanced Turbine for Air and Water.

Maximize airflow

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Slow the fan speed

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Restrict chemical waste

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Turbo-mist™Airblast technology maximizes airflow while restricting chemical recycling and waste. Our patented turbine technology is designed to prevent the loss of air consistency throughout the RPM range of the fan output, allowing you to slow the speed of the fan while retaining consistency. This allows for accurate targeting of airflow, maximizing coverage at a lower horsepower, saving fuel and increasing yield.

Premium Air Quality

Our front air intake turbine design compresses air to guarantee even distribution through both outlets. Our nozzles are mounted out of the airstream to provide unobstructed air that shears the water. The turbine is engineered to draw clean air from between the tank and the fan housing, producing clean, non-contaminated air that doesn’t recycle the spray. This increases equipment safety, reduces dust and debris circulation, and results in accurate solution distribution and maximum crop protection.

Designed with air straighteners, our system allows the machine to suck in twice as much air as it exhausts, building pressure within the outlets to produce maximum air flow for the fan, ensuring air consistency and premium air quality. The fan is precision machined to maintain a blade clearance of 50 thousandths of an inch to retain and control air pressure and improve overall performance.


The cast aluminum fans prevent rust and deterioration, ensuring durability and reliability for the lifetime of the sprayer. We use a heavy-duty flange on an isolated gearbox to absorb operational effects and prevent the transfer of mechanical vibrations. While ensuring superior air quality and consistency, this also protects the gearbox and its major components, reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

Engineered to Perform.

Long term savings. Proven durability + reliability = no downtime.


Every Turbo-Mist™ sprayer undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing at each stage of the fabrication process. Our sprayers are dyno-tested to ensure a horsepower output that results in a quieter and more efficient process and vibration analyzed for quality control to ensure maximum reliability in our product. We ensure each component part has been tested to prevent and reduce solution waste, optimize air quality and control, and ensure durability, quality, and consistency. 


You only need to set your eyes on a Turbo-Mist™ sprayer to see the quality in fabrication- but the true quality runs much deeper. From custom cut parts that reduce metal strain and prevent breakage to quality powder coating and sandblasting to prevent rust, we take quality and durability as seriously as you take your crops.


We offer an automated wind speed control monitoring system that can be attached to the unit and will keep your spray plume contained within your area.

Our units are purposely designed for minimal maintenance and cost. Nozzle replacement may be required every 2 years, annual lubrication of machinery is recommended, and a major bearing replacement may be required every 5 years.